Sepand Dadbeh is an Iranian multi-instrumentalist musician, born in 1992 and grown and flourished in a rich family of artists and musicians.

Sepand, first took up music at the age of nine with Tombak, moving on to specialise in Oud and Tanbour under the supervision of some of the best musicians in Iran as such Sohrab Pournazeri and Arsalan Kamkar. He became a member of Shams ensemble (led by maestro Kaykhosrow Pournazeri) in 2011, while performing alongside great artists as Homayoun Shajarian, Alireza Ghorbani, and Antoni Rey.

He also graduated Bachelor of Arts in Music from Tehran University, and recently completed M.A. in the World Music at Codarts University of Rotterdam; where he also worked and studied in the field of Maqam music with maestro Kudsi Erguner as his educator.

His musical collective “Jansouz“ was named after the artistic name of his grandfather; a renowned maestro in the field of singing and the cultural history of Iranian music. Since 2012, the Jansouz Collective has been performing music compositions and improvisations of the Iranian Cultural Civilization, in collaboration with the international musicians in Iran and Europe. As a troubadour, he strives to combine the musical self-discipline of the ancient musicians with a novel understanding of the modern time.

In the past few years, Sepand has had the privilege of joining countless artists and musicians in their tours, both internationally and within Iran. While each performance has indeed had its obstacles it has solidified his dual and concomitant passion for both musical performance and cultural activities; ultimately guiding his decision to further pursue his education within this field. It is this very desire that since 2015, has been the driving force behind his pursuit of an academic research assignment through “PersiArt” and “Aryasp”, two cultural foundations which he founded and have been dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the arts. As a director of both organisations, he has sought to create an interdisciplinary approach has enabled the two organisations to host several delegations to engage in cross-cultural dialogue and musical performances.

2018 – 2020 | Master of Music (World Music); Codarts Rotterdam, University of the Arts

2011 – 2015 | Bachelor of Arts (Iranian Music); Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran

2002 | Tonbak: Arash Farhangfar

2004 | Oud: Yurdal Tokcan, Arsalan Kamkar, Shahram Gholami, Alexandros Papadimitrakis

2006 | Tanbour: Sohrab Pournazeri

2008 | Iranian Art History & Cultural Studies: Aryasp Dadbeh

2010 | Persian Classical Music (Radif): Keykhosro Pournazeri, Dariush Pirniakan, Dariush Talai

2010 | Persian Literature: Dr. Mohammad-Reza Shafiei Kadkani

2011 | Musicology (Theory & Music History): Dr. Human Asaadi, Dr. Sasan Fatemi

2011 | Acoustic: Dr. Khosrow Molana

2012 | Guitar & Arrangement: Dr. Mehrdad Pakbaz

2013 | Harmony: Dr. Shahin Farhat, Dr. Amin Honarmand

2015 | Yarasan Maqam (Tanbour): Donya Kamali

2018 | Modal Classical Music (Makam system): Kudsi Ergüner, Michalis Cholevas

2014 – Now | Oud and Tanbour

2010 – Now | Music Theory & History


2020 | Master Thesis: Ussak Seyir, a Journey into the Heart of Modal Musical Forms

2015 – Present | Tanbour Music Comprehensive Book

2015 | Bachelor Thesis: Study of Iranian Music Schools, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran


2012 | EP Album, Composed by Mehrdad Pakbaz and Sepand Dadbeh

Video Clip

2021 | Khosrow & Shirin, Composition & concept by Sepand Dadbeh, recorded in Musée national des arts asiatiques Guimet (Musée Guimet), Paris, France

2016 | Yalda, Director & Composer: Sepand Dadbeh

2014 | Chera Rafti, Beyond Any Form Project by Tahmoures Pournazeri

2013 | Pathfinder, Composer & Vocal: Sohrab Pournazeri

2021 | Khosrow & Shirin project, Musée national des arts asiatiques Guimet, Paris (France)

2021 | Khosrow & Shirin, Composition & Tanbour by Sepand Dadbeh, Radio France Internationale, Paris

2021 | Jansouz Collective, Poets’ Garden, Nowrooz Festival, Rotterdam (Netherland)

2020 | Yalda Night Concert Series 2020, awarded by Fonds PodiumKunsten NL, Livestream concert: Sufi Night (Jansouz Duo) & Troubadour Night (Night in Neyshabur project by Jansouz Collective), Rotterdam (Netherland)

2020 | Jansouz Collective, Matrix, Rotterdam (Netherland)

2020 | Jansouz Ensemble, De Studio Rotterdam (Netherland)

2019 | Yellow House Diversity Concert, Jansouz Ensemble, Rotterdam (Netherland)

2019 | Müziek uit Iran, Jansouz Ensemble, Matrix, Rotterdam (Netherland)

2019 | Müziek op de Rott, Jansouz Ensemble, Rotterdam (Netherland)

2019 | Jansouz Ensemble, International Police Station, Rotterdam (Netherland)

2019 | Tirgan Festival, Beaux-Arts de Paris and Saint Martin de la Place (France)

2019 | Wereld Delfshaven Festival, Jansouz Ensemble, Rotterdam (Netherland)

2019 | Dialogue in the Persian Garden, Amphithéâtre Richelieu, Sorbonne Université, Paris (France)

2019 | Jansouz Ensemble, Nowruz Series Concerts, The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam (Netherland)

2019 | IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam), de Doelen Studio, Rotterdam (Netherland)

2018 | Jansouz Ensemble, Yalda Concert, Grounds & Yellow House, Rotterdam (Netherland)

2018 | Dialogue in the Persian Garden (Nowruz and Mehregan), Leiden University (Netherland)

2018 | Le Festival culturel de Tirgan 2018 (Ziryab), Paris (France)

2018 | Jansouz Ensemble, Amphithéâtre Richelieu, Sorbonne Université , Paris (France)

2017 | Jansouz Ensemble,Theatre du Renard (Paris, France)

2016 | Antonio Rey Navas (Spain) & Sohrab Pournazeri (Iran), Barana Festival, Niavaran Palace (Tehran) and Bisotun Palace (Kermanshah, Iran)

2016 | Shams Ensemble, Barana Festival, Bisotun Palace (Kermanshah, Iran)

2016 | Shams Ensemble, Barana Festival, Niavaran Palace (Tehran, Iran)

2016 | Jansouz Ensemble, Negarestan Garden (Tehran, Iran)

2016 | Antonio Rey Navas (Spain) & Sohrab Pournazeri (Tehran, Iran), Milad Tower (Tehran, Iran)

2016 | Shams Ensemble, Composer: Keykhosro Pournazeri, Vahdat Hall (Tehran, Iran)

2015 | Shams Ensemble, Vocal: Sohrab Pournazeri, Milad Tower (Tehran, Iran)

2014 | Shams Ensemble, Karafarin Anniversary (Tabriz, Iran)

2014 | Shams Ensemble, Tehran Music Festival, Masoudiyeh Palace (Tehran, Iran)

2014 | Beyond any Form Project (Concert Tour), Composer: Tahmoures Pour Nazeri, Vocal: Homayoun Shajarian, Tehran (Ministry of Interior Hall) and Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman Shah, Kerman, Sari, Rasht, Gorgan, Urmia, Shahr-e Kord, Zanjan, Semnan, Bandar-Abbas, Ahvaz

2014 | Ethno Sweden Festival (Rattvik, Bingsjo)

2014 | Contemporary Composer Festival, Trio & Duet, Roudaki Hall (Tehran, Iran)

2013 | Fine Art Orchestra, Vivaldi Mandolin Concerto, Soloist: Sepand Dadbeh, University Of Tehran

2012 | Fine Art Orchestra, Conductor: Mehrdad Pakbaz, University Of Tehran

2011 | Fajr Festival,Tehran, Composer: Mehrdad Pakbaz, Niavaran Cultural Center

2011 | Shams Ensemble, Vocal: Alireza Ghorbani, Vahdat Hall,Tehran

2017 | Recitation of Myths and a Musical Performance, Iran Deserts Group, Central Iranian desert

2016 | Dialogue in Persian Garden, Joint Conference between the University of Paris-Sud and the University of Tehran, Gardens of Negarestan, University of Tehran

2015 | Tanbour Workshop. Assistant to Sohrab Pournazeri, Music Museum of Iran (Tehran, Iran)

2017 | Established Aryasp IRCC; Tehran, Iran

2015 | Established PersiArt Company; Paris, France; Goal: The development and introduction of Iranian Art and Culture

2012 | Jansouz Collective

2011 | Trio for Oud, Violin and Alto; Trio for Oud, Alto and Contra Bass; Duet for Oud and Qanun